The universe has a sacred, silent symphony with which my soul resonates in joy!

Hello there wonderful people! I am Simran Dudeja, an engineering undergraduate, a dreamer, a thinker, and an amateur writer. I am currently pursuing B.Tech from Delhi Technological University. There have always been speculations by our society about women who write, so what happens when women write? Well, we re-write the world!

I have always believed in the expression of thoughts and ideas through the power of pen and here through this blog I intend to do the same. This blog is a window of opportunity for me to express my views, notions and thoughts about the world around, and the world within! Hence, I hope to witness all of you join me in this exhilarating journey that lies ahead. Cheers! Stay tuned for living life, on the hindsight, with me.




 “To conquer oneself is  greater task than conquering others”

– Gautam buddha

Hi there people, the name is Lakshay Singla, 18 years old and I am an engineering undergraduate currently pursuing my B.tech from Delhi Technological University. I’m a self driven amateur writer and thinker. Have an endless love for cricket, old songs, tea and late night walks. I believe in faith, not in religion. Standing at the forefront of my professional career, I have realized that life has a lot more to it than what we seek. For me, past is a place of reference and not residence. And hence, through this blog, I attempt to take my readers on a similar journey. That is, living on the hindsight!